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Creating opportunities.
Mitigating risk.
Implementing decisions.

ACTAGON IS a boutique advisory firm, offering bespoke strategic advice to a select group of clients since 2004. We are a trusted speaking partner and advisor to our clients, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning, 20 years ago.

The Actagon team consists of experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds, including legal, geopolitics and management consultancy.

WHAT WE DO. We offer deep and bespoke advisory services to companies with specific challenges in markets across the world. Working with boards, owners and executives, we create value and positive outcomes from strategic challenges.

Uniquely positioned and connected in Sweden and internationally, we support clients on a wide variety of issues. Our advisory capabilities span from business intelligence and due diligence to geopolitical analysis and public affairs support.

Typically, clients approach us when they need candid advice and qualified input to high-stakes decisions such as market entry or mergers, acquisitions and investments.

As our model builds on trust and long-term relationships, we always support our clients through implementation and beyond. Our network and in-house skillset make us well placed to answer a wide variety of strategic questions in almost any market and sector.

In short, we create opportunities, mitigate risk and help implement decisions.

OUR SERVICES. Typically, we support our clients with the following services, either as stand-alone projects, or as supportive elements in larger projects:

  • Business intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Market entry, growth, and exit
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Local partner identification and vetting
  • Opportunity and risk assessments
  • Geopolitical analysis
  • Government engagement strategies
  • Strategic advice

HOW WE DO IT. To be able to deliver the best advice to our clients, we maintain and actively develop a global network of individuals with deep access and insight into dynamics affecting our clients’ businesses.

By working closely with senior experts, we can ensure the sharpest and best-supported advice available. Adding top-of-the-line external insights to our experienced core team guarantees that our clients receive the best advice suited to their requirements – and nothing else.

To offer candid advice and build trust, we will always prioritize discretion over publicity, and friendships over short term profits.

WHY WE DO IT. We believe in European and Swedish business. However, the global business environment is currently more challenging than it has been in a long time: competition has sharpened, and the private sector is no longer protected from geopolitics.

Indeed: you may not be interested in geopolitics, but geopolitics is interested in you. The increasing complexity is a risk as well as an opportunity that we can help companies identify and seize. By ensuring that our clients make well-informed and closely considered decisions, we want to support them in becoming more resilient and competitive.

In the end, building resilience and competitiveness in our societies, and – in turn – a better world.


+46(0)8 402 19 20

Blasieholmsgatan 3
SE-111 48 Stockholm