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Understanding opportunities.
Foreseeing risk.
Implementing decisions.

ACTAGON IS the leading speaking partner to owners, boards and management of companies engaged in complex markets. Headquartered in Stockholm and founded in 2004 by individuals still active in the company, Actagon has carried out projects in over 80 countries. In doing so, we have played a decisive role in the creation of more than 100 billion SEK of business value for our clients.
In 2018, we opened offices in Oxford and Washington DC.

WE BELIEVE that the ability to combine business opportunity and risk management with a firm relationship to key decision makers is necessary for long-term success in a complex market. Actagon’s long-standing network opens the door to key business enablers and unique business opportunities. We offer expertise on how to operate in complex markets, and remain in close cooperation with our clients all the way through implementation; focusing on delivering high returns under controlled risk.

WHAT WE DO. While we are sometimes seen as consultants, that is not how our clients see us. They rely on Actagon as their advisor, speaking partner and friend throughout their entire journey of going and remaining global. We provide our clients the support needed to make educated decisions, with services spanning comprehensive market entry strategies, M&A-processes, strategic alliances and joint ventures, to one-off due diligence reports, analyses and risk assessments. Our focus lies on a market’s local complexities, such as the political situation, and how they relate to our clients’ business model. We are thus able to cater to clients irrespective of their industry and sector. And when a decision is made, Actagon remains with its client throughout its implementation.

HOW WE DO IT. Actagon develops and maintains a network of individuals with strong access, knowledge and insight into aspects that affect our clients’ existing and prospective business in complex markets. By leveraging this network with our experience and extensive knowledge base, Actagon delivers solutions with great accuracy and relevance.

Actagon continuously explores and develops new paths to produce knowledge and generate insight. This is done by taking part in technological and process-­oriented development that promotes smartness, timeliness, and availability. The focus of our team and network-­partners is divided by market regions, which builds expertise and access to local, up-to-date knowledge.


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